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2017-12-01 20:23:32

[Announcements / Notifications] CBD Notification 2017-111 - Asia-Pacific Science-Policy Dialogue on the Detection and Identification of Living Modified Organisms

No. 2017-111
Dear Madam/Sir,
I am pleased to inform you that the Secretariat is organizing a webinar for the Asia-Pacific region to promote a science-policy dialogue on the detection and identification of living modified organisms (LMOs). The objective of the webinar is to facilitate an exchange of views among policymakers and scientists on how laboratory analyses of LMOs can best respond to specific national regulatory needs in an effective manner. The webinar will take place on 26 January 2018.
The webinar is being organized in line with requests made during the Asia-Pacific Workshop on the Detection and Identification of LMOs, which was held in Kuala Lumpur on 20-24 March 2017, for the Secretariat to facilitate the exchange of views among policymakers and scientists to discuss the strengths and limitations of methods for the detection of LMOs in order to inform policymaking and implementation, including those policies that set requirements for identification and quantification of LMOs by the exporters.
I am, therefore, inviting you to nominate the following participants from your country to take part in the webinar:
(i)            One or two representatives from the relevant Competent National Authority(ies) or other governmental officials and regulators working on biosafety;
(ii)           One or two experts from LMO detection laboratories; and
(iii)          One or two customs or border control officials involved in sampling, detection and border control of LMOs.
Nominations are to be sent to secretariat@cbd.int as soon as possible but no later than 30 November 2017. The nominations must include the attached nomination form indicating the name and contact details of the nominees as well as a brief summary of the nominees’ areas of responsibility. The webinar will be conducted in English only. Instructions on how to join the webinar will be sent to participants via e-mail after registration.
The text of this notification is also available on the CBD website at: http://www.cbd.int/doc/notifications/2017/ntf-2017-111-bs-en.docx.
Please accept, Madam/Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.
Cristiana Paşca Palmer, PhD
Executive Secretary
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
United Nations Environment Programme
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