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CPB Implementation Level Improvement

Contained Use


Currently, 7 Asia BCH Family countries out of 26 have submitted the comment of Contained Use

Counseling contact
Counseling contact
Country submission
Bangladesh Bangladesh -
Bhutan Bhutan 2018
Cambodia Cambodia -
China China -
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea -
India India -
Indonesia Indonesia -
Iran(Islamic Republic of) Iran(Islamic Republic of) 2016 2018
Japan Japan 2016 2018
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan -
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan -
Lao People's Democratic Republic Lao People's Democratic Republic -
Malaysia Malaysia 2016
Maldives Maldives -
Mongolia Mongolia -
Myanmar Myanmar -
Pakistan Pakistan -
Philippines Philippines 2016
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea 2016
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka -
Tajikistan Tajikistan -
Thailand Thailand -
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan -
Viet Nam Viet Nam 2016
Afghanistan Afghanistan -
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea -
Counseling contact Online Counseling Board