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2018-11-14 20:45:17   by     zz Admin

2018 : 4th ICC Meeting
An Asia BCH Family 4th workshop conducted in July 02-03, 2018 in Bayangol hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The workshop organized jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Government of Mongolia and the Korean Biosafety Clearing House (KBCH), Government of Korea.

The main objectives of the workshop were:
  • Review, evaluation and validation of the accomplishments of the Asia BCH roadmap;
  • Officially to hand over the Regional Coordinator position for Asia BCH Family from Philippines team to Mongolian team for the next 2 years; 
  • Formulate strategies in mobilizing resources;
  • Strategies for resource mobilization;
  • Preparation for the COPMOP9 and 2nd Asia Forum on Modern Biotechnology.                          

14 participants from 5 Asian countries (Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and South Korea) attended in the workshop.      
Key results, discussions and comments were:
  • Discussions on Protocol terms and definitions, for some countries terms & definitions are confusing;
  • Review, evaluation and improvements of the Asia BCH roadmap;
  • Asian BCH portal updates and possible improvements;
  • How Asia BCH will participate in COPMOP 9 and other events; 
  • Possible ways of fund raising and financing strategies;
  • Status of the BCH III projects for Asia BCH family members;
Discussions of the member update of the Informal Coordinating Committee.

2018 : 4th ICC Meeting
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