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2017-04-07 21:06:45   by     zz Admin

2016 : The 1st ICC Meeting
(Apr. 5-7, 2016, Muntinlupa, Philippines)

In line with the expression of interest of the Philippines to assume the role as Roadmap Coordinator, a small group composed of South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, the Philippines and a representative from the UN Environment (UNE) Regional Advisors convened on 5 to 7 April 2016 to brainstorm and discuss in detail the subsequent steps that Asian Parties should carry out to implement the Roadmap.
The group formally recognized the role of the Philippines as BCH Road Map Coordinator of the region for the first two years of its implementation (2016-2017). Among the major concerns tackled were the details of implementing the Road Map, the terms of reference for the coordinator of Asia BCH Family, the side event for COP-MOP 8, and the proposal for mainstreaming biosafety into the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAP).
An Informal Consultative Committee (ICC) for the Asia BCH Family, composed of the aforementioned Parties, was constituted to serve as advisory body in facilitating the implementation of the Road Map. Korea volunteered to create a Regional Asia hub for easy access and sharing of information among Parties such as available trainings, resource materials for Public Awareness, Education, and Participation (PAEP), announcements, and news on the activities of the Asia BCH Family. The NCBP Secretariat shall provide the administrative and logistical support to support the activities of being the Asia BCH Coordinator. As recommended by the DOST Biosafety Committee, funds to support the role as Coordinator shall be provided for the year 2017.


2016 : The 1st ICC Meeting
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