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Roadmap Implementation

Implementation status of national Protocol

Iran Roadmap Implementation
Iran Roadmap Implementation
Roadmap Implementation
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FOCAL AREA 1   Compliance with the National Biosafety Framework and Cartagena Protocol
1 At least 90% of Asian countries fulfilling their obligations under the Protocol to make mandatory information available to the BCH
1-1 Existing national laws
1-2 Bilateral, multilateral agreements
1-3 Risk assessments
1-4 Final decisions regarding LMOs imported
1-5 National reports
FOCAL AREA 2   Regional Networking
2 5 trainings (2-week) conducted in the region
3 At least 34 new resource materials made available to the network
4 At least 1 regional training conducted for BCH NFP
5 At least 2 workshops per country for NAUs and target groups (as appropriate)
6 Regional portal established by 2017
7 Regional portal updated at least quarterly
FOCAL AREA 3   Promotion of Public Awareness, Education, and Participation (PAEP)
8 More than 50% of the policy makers posting and sharing biosafety- related messages/ pictures via social media
9 At least 1 million views of posts by policy makers
10 At least 20 debate/talk show on biosafety held through TV and/or radio in the Asia region
11 All countries in Asia have fully functional national BCH, CHM and ABS-CH nodes
12 At least 100 Articles on biotechnology and biosafety published in newspapers
FOCAL AREA 4   Building capacity towards effective participation to the BCH
13 100% of countries in Asia region using the web-portal
14 At least 1 institution selected to serve as a regional center for risk assessment and risk management
15 At least 5 bilateral agreements
16 5 regional sessions / webinars
17 At least 1 Guidance / training material on resource mobilization
Counseling contact Online Counseling Board